Onteres: Nurturing Talents, Delivering Solutions

In 2018, my friend showed me one of WeWork’s coworking spaces in New York. On one floor, we interacted with young professionals working on the next Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. I had an epiphany there. It was only the previous week that I had attended a Bootcamp in Lagos, Nigeria with other ambitious youths looking to build similar companies. The difference was that one side was exposed to conditions where the skill set required to succeed could be built.  


As I gathered experience and built relationships over the next few years, I was further convinced that outstanding engineers, designers, managers, and entrepreneurs can be found all over the world, regardless of background. I understood, however, that developmental experiences are key to realizing this potential. Exposure to the right learning environment is that all-important factor that separated outstanding professionals from all others. This realization, and the need to contribute to the Nigerian business and technology ecosystems, birthed Onteres. 


Onteres’ key mission is to provide these opportunities to technology enthusiasts in Nigeria. We are committed to continually improving the technology ecosystem. Our talents are contributors to open source software and our many engagements with the talent pool in Nigeria continually ensure we’re contributing to developing the next generation of engineers, designers, managers and entrepreneurs.



Our partners trust us to bring their ideas to life. To deliver their products, we have invested in our people to ensure that they can fulfil this core function. Our process is tailored to ensure both our clients and the product development team understand and agree on the requirements. Our consciousness of our partners’ unique needs and our quality throughput has set us apart. 


The culture at Onteres is an important aspect of our operations. In our dealings with talents and our partners, our culture is one of openness. With our talents and partners, we pursue mutually beneficial relationships where value is being created by each party. Open communication is fostered amongst all teams and we ensure continuous feedback on our processes. 


Our launch coincides with the explosion of the Nigerian and African technology ecosystem. We believe that empowering Africa’s youths technologically will put us at the forefront of innovation on the continent. 

AboutSola-Aremu Pelumi