Felicheeta Artistry Inc.

Felicheeta Artistry Inc. is a beauty/cosmetics company based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba focused on breaching the gap in the American beauty industry for POC. FA was created, as a space that champions diversity in the beauty industry, and empowers people of color everywhere by catering to their needs.

February 23rd, 2020
Beauty & Fashion


Looking to create an eCommerce platform with a high conversion rate, and also create a seamless flow between their physical location and online store, where inventories would be properly reconciled, payment platforms would be in sync and customers would be able to book sessions seamlessly. FA sought Onteres eCommerce expertise to build their online store and enhance their customer experience. The goal was to create a competitive platform that would be user-friendly and keep the users engaged at all times.

Business Requirements

We had one of our business analysts sit down with the CEO and Lead Designer from Felicheeta Artistry to fully document their project needs and get clear requirements on what the Onteres team would be undertaking.

Development Begins

Once the business requirement document was completed, we had our solution architect review it to decide on the best approach before passing it off the development team, who worked with the Felicheeta Artistry team to ensure all stones were turned.


Once development was complete, and we finished testing on our end, we sent the project off to the client for User Acceptance Testing. The UAT process went smoothly with some minor style changes requested by the client, and now they have a fully functional product that is constantly generating revenue for them.

Solution & Result

The Onteres team studied the behavioral patterns of the target audience, examined current competitors in the market and features that could help create a seamless interaction.

The eCommerce development requirements of this project were focused on building a seamless shopping platform with various integrations with their physical location and ensuring a seamless booking process. Based on the client’s requirements and needs we chose Shopify as a CMS for them where we would be able to integrate Square as a payment system for both their online platform and physical location. We also developed an inventory system that would be able to ensure that inventories are properly updated after either online or physical purchases.

We developed a booking system that would allow customers to book appointments and also a seamless checkout solution that would handle payments and also properly calculate shipping costs.

On the backend part of the site, we developed an order processing workflow that allows the proper flow of orders between different stages, track all of the related information from a single place, and easily lead the order to its full completion.

The team’s efforts resulted in a fully functional e-commerce platform that enables users to shop, earn rewards, book appointments, and communicate with beauty specialists all in one place.

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