IHP Marketing

June 15th, 2020
UX/UI Design
Website Development

IHP Marketing, a leading digital marketing agency based out of Toronto, Canada. With their portfolio rapidly growing and a need to be able to scale quickly IHP Marketing approached us at Onteres to help them re-architect and redesign their technological tools from their Website to their inhouse marketing and communication tools like Drift and Hubspot.


Create a cross-platform web application that showcases IHP Marketing’s portfolio in a clean and structured manner for potential clients to easily navigate and be amazed. Create a chatbot on the website that would interact with potential customers and route them to available representatives if they have any questions. Help IHP Marketing set up in house communication tools that would enable team members to communicate effectively and follow up on leads.

Business Requirements

Our product development team talked to representatives from IHP Marketing to fully understand what they needed and then drafted out a business requirement document.

Development Begins

After a BRD was signed by both parties, a project manager was assigned and our design and development team was put to work to create a mind-blowing solution

Deliver World-Class Solution

After our development team finished building, the finished product went through QA and was then sent for UAT before being delivered to IHP Marketing.

Solution & Result

After various design sprints between our design team and IHP Marketing representatives. Onteres developed a fully responsive and aesthetically pleasing website for IHP Marketing that helped showcase their various services and past works in the most efficient manner. We also created a floating chat button that is connected to Drift to enable their potential customers to chat with them live by just the click of a button hence boosting the sales conversion rate exponentially.

By also following proper development guidelines, we were able to make their website accessible for differently-abled individuals, boost their SEO ranking, and help their website visitors navigate the website faster with clear call to actions.

Impressed by how far and beyond we went with them and the immediate results they noticed, IHP Marketing has since officially chosen Onteres to be their sole development company in helping not just themselves but also their clients build fully scalable technological products. 

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