Onteres Call For Campus Ambassadors

Onteres Campus Ambassadorship

We know how it is to be full of ideas that can bring change to communities we are a part of. Having a platform to launch the ideas we believe in can make all the difference and Onteres wants to provide you that! 

Onteres is bringing together an exciting group of undergraduate students building careers in technology across Africa as Campus Ambassadors. The ambassadorship program is designed to fuel individual growth and develop technology communities in tertiary institutions. 

As an ambassador, you will work with our partner communities to shape the technological landscape of your campus. You will have an opportunity to showcase your capabilities and to gain valuable experience. 


  • A chance to join our Fellowship programs
  • Take on impactful projects in your community
  • Special invitations to Onteres events
  • Mentorship


  • Applicant must be registered, full-time Undergraduate students of any tertiary institution
  • Applicants should be looking towards a career in any aspect of technology
  • Being actively involved with a student community on your campus is a plus

Be the change your community needs. Apply here!


What does a Campus Ambassador do?

Campus Ambassadors (CAs) understand the technological landscape of their campus and constantly identify innovative ways for Onteres to contribute to the development of technology talent and communities.

How long does a Campus Ambassador tenure last?

Tenures last for one year. However, CAs that perform excellently are encouraged to apply for renewal.

How many Campus Ambassadors do you recruit?

On each campus, we recruit no more than 3 CAs.

What disciplines can apply to this program?

We accept applications across all disciplines. We require only that applicants be passionate about building careers in technology.

How can I contact the Campus Ambassadorship team?

You can send a mail to ambassaadors@onteres.com and we will respond promptly.

Do Ambassadors get monetary compensation?

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide Campus Ambassadors with a monthly stipend. However, Onteres will cover expenses whenever ambassadors are asked to execute projects. 

AboutUsman Arogundade
Usman is a Partner and Lead developer here at Onteres. With years of experience working as a Fullstack developer for various companies, he is a complex problem-solver with an analytical and driven mindset. Dedicated to achieving demanding development objectives according to tight schedules while producing impeccable code.